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History Of Hpsc

The Helpers Public School Of Education was established in June 1974 under the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Initially, it was known as Directorate of In-Service Teacher Education and Resource Material Center, Balochistan. In 1978, it was upgraded to Teacher Training College and renamed as Helpers Public School (H P S C). It is a dynamic institution, with reputation for innovation & diversity. In an increasingly co-operative & highly skilled faculty, the College gives educational trainings, meeting the needs of students and teachers. The college is continually evolving a new range of educational programs to meet the challenges thrown up by the pace of change in today's society, with its emphasis on life long learning and continuing professional development in education for In-service & Pre-service teacher training.

For all degree programs, the School is affiliated with College of the Quetta.


  1. To promote national integrity among teachers.
  2. To identify the educational problems on the basis of research and to suggest possible solutions.
  3. To inculcate Managerial and Administrative skills in teachers.
  4. To enhance professional qualifications and proficiency of teachers.
  5. To enhance teachers potentialities through Teacher Training courses (In Service and Pre-Service).
  6. To coordinate with curriculum developing institutions.
  7. To enable teachers to use modem instructional techniques.
  8. To enable the teachers to develop teaching aids by low cost material.
  9. To facilitate Directorates of Education (ICT, FATA,GB, PAP, CANTT & GARRISON) as well as NEAS.


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