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History Of Hpsc

The Helpers Public School Of Apprenticeship was accustomed in June 1974 beneath the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Initially, it was accepted as Directorate of In-Service Abecedary Apprenticeship and Resource Actual Center, Baluchistan. In 1978, it was upgraded to Abecedary Training Academy and renamed as Helpers Public School (H P S C). It is a activating institution, with acceptability for addition & diversity. In an more branch & awful accomplished faculty, the Academy gives educational trainings, affair the needs of acceptance and teachers. The academy is always evolving a new ambit of educational programs to accommodated the challenges befuddled up by the clip of change in today's society, with its accent on activity continued acquirements and continuing able development in apprenticeship for In-service & Pre-service abecedary training.



  1. To advance civic candor a part of teachers.
  2. To advance civic candor a part of teachers.
  3. To analyze the educational problems on the base of analysis and to advance accessible solutions.
  4. To brainwash Managerial and Administrative abilities in teachers.
  5. To enhance able qualifications and proficiency of teachers.
  6. To enhance agents potentialities through Abecedary Training courses.
  7. To alike with class developing institutions.
  8. To accredit agents to use modem advisory techniques.
  9. To accredit the agents to advance teaching aids by low amount material.









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